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All of our filter systems provide you with pure, clean, hot or cold drinkable water from the comfort of your own home.

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Have called the company yesterday and already installed today!!! Amazing service and you can taste the water difference already. I highly recommend angel coolers.
Diana Anaclerion | Lanzarote

Excellent. Don't know why everyone doesn't have one, and exemplary service too...
Victoria Williamson | Lanzarote

Thanks for such a quick and friendly service. Very happy, no more lugging big bottles of water round!
Victoria Williamson | Lloret Lanzarote

Our studio here at Radio One Lanzarote has no water supply so Angel Coolers came to install a water cooler and supplies bottles of fresh water to us that run through the cooler system. It has been absolutely fantastic! We have a lot of visitors to our studio and to be able to offer them a nice fresh cool glass of water is the least we can do. Before we had the water cooler we had to carry huge bottles of water to the studio, this saves us money, time and effort. Angel Coolers comes with the highest of recommendations from all of us here at Radio One Lanzarote, plus Mick is brilliant, the service is second to none. Thanks Angel Coolers.
Jo Walsh | Radio One Lanzarote

We had an Angel water filtration system fitted one year ago and can honestly say its the best thing we have done since moving to Lanzarote. No more filling a car boot with bottles which we found to be a right pain! The water from the system is as clear as a bell -no kettle furring, coffee machine scaling up or harmful chemicals. The staff are always on hand, quick to replace filters and very friendly. If we ever move we would not hesitate to have the system fitted again - in fact we would consider it a necessity.
Kay Turner

Firstly, I must commend you on your effort to source "fizz" as it was not advertised on any website. I love my fizz whether it's in my whisky to replace soda water, or as a "wine cooler" in a semi sweet wine, or to mix with fruit juices if they are to sweet or just as a cool drink after exercise. So yes 10 out of 10 to your efforts to add this to your product line.
Hans de Leeuw | El Molinar.

Had one installed in the summer,wished I would have had one fitted years ago not only would I have save a fortune but the water tastes better than bottled water.Thanks Angel Coolers.
Ian Cokerill

Water is fine. Service is good and response to urgencies quick and the price seems reasonable. Thanks! Isobel.
Isobel M. Allan | Revival Superyachts

All of our water filtratrion systems are available to rent on a monthly basis – including free servicing – and also to buy direct from us, for any questions you may have, please contact us today

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