Terms and Conditions

Angel Coolers Rental Agreement

1) Angel Coolers (the “lesser”) agrees to hire the Equipment on a seven day free trial period.

2) The Lessor agrees to install the Equipment on a seven day free trial period subject to receiving an installation charge from the Customer, which is fully refundable.

3) The installation charge is refunded in full should the Customer not continue the hire agreement after the trial period. The Customer must inform the Lessor prior to the end of the period and arrange for the immediate collection of the Equipment, which must be in the same condition as when it was installed.

4) The Equipment supplied by the Lessor to the Customer shall remain the property of the Lessor.

5) The Lessor shall have access to the Equipment at all reasonable times for the purposes of carrying out its obligations and exercising its right hereunder.

6) Payment for hiring the Equipment will be taken monthly by Direct Debit. Changing from this payment method will incur an extra 10% charge annually to cover increased administration costs.

7) Late payment of charges will result in interest payable in addition to outstanding charges calculated on a daily basis from the due date of payment at a rate of two and a half percent per month.

8) For the Equipment to function safely and effectively it is essential that it is serviced and the filters are replaces every 6 months. It is the Customer’s responsibility to arrange for this service and filter change to be carried out by a representative of Angel Coolers.

9) Services and filter changes are included in the monthly rental.

10) The Customer shall take good care of, properly use and keep clean and sanitary the Equipment at all times. When this agreement terminates, the Customer shall return the Equipment in the same condition as it was when originally installed by the Lessor (ordinary wear and tear excepted).

11) The customer shall not modify, repair, interfere or open up the Equipment in any way. Only the Lessor is authorised to conduct any servicing of the equipment or supply replacement filters.

12) The Customer will not tend, let, hire, assign, transfer, charge, dispense of or part possession of the Equipment from the location indicated overleaf without the Lessors previous written consent.

13) The Customer shall be responsible for all damage and loss to the Equipment. If the Equipment is lost, damaged or destroyed, the Customer shall pay to the Lessor on demand the replacement cost of any items so lost, damaged or destroyed.

14) The Lessor may terminate the Agreement if any of the following shall happen:

  • Non-payment when due of any monies owing by the Customer to the Lessor for a period in excess of 30 days;
  • The Customer’s abandonment of the Equipment;
  • The Customer;s failure to perform any of the terms and conditions on its part as required by this agreement.

15) Upon termination of this agreement, for any reason, the Lessor may take immediate possession of the Equipment. Termination shall not relieve the Customer of any obligation to pay rent or other monies owing to the Lessor in addition, if the Customer defaults, the Lessor shall have all rights and remedies which are available to it under applicable law as well as the right to recover reasonable collection costs, including legal costs from the Customer.

16) Following the initial twelve months rental this agreement may continue annually on the same basis thereafter unless either party should wish to terminate the agreement. They shall give the other party three months notice of their wish to terminate the agreement.

Sales: Service & Maintenance Conditions

1) In order for the machine to work safely and efficiently it must be serviced and the filters changed every six months. It is the Customer’s responsibility to arrange for this service to be carried out.

2) Only Angel Coolers are authorised to conduct servicing of the machine and supply replacement filters as the official stockists. Please note that opening the machine or interfering with any of the components by anyone else other than a representative of Angel Coolers will invalidate any guarantee.

3) Payment for services of filter changed will be billed at the time such services take place.

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